Friday, March 7, 2014

Pregnancy Update! 32 Weeks 4 Days

I realize that I haven't done a weekly update in a couple of weeks.   I think it's due to the fact that I can't get out of bed in time for Andy to snap a photo, and then I always forget or don't feel camera-ready at the end of the day!   A lot has changed in the past 2 weeks.  For one, I was put on bedrest, then I asked if I could still work and she said yes, then I was put on absolute strict bedrest a week later, for the remainder of my pregnancy.  So, I eeked out a couple more days at work, and then had to start my short term disability.  Last week I was bummed about that, but this week I can't even imagine getting up early and going to work.  I feel miserable!  Now, I know that I prayed and asked to feel nauseas and sick and wanted these symptoms for years...  I am still SO thankful for this pregnancy and the miracle of these 2 boys, but I'm just being honest in how these last few weeks are feeling.  It's tough carrying two!

I think because my stomach is so huge, my reflux has been in high gear this past week.  I'm nauseas all the time, but especially in the early morning and when I get up (although, now I'm on/off awake starting around 2:30am).  I usually gag and throw up when I brush my teeth or spend a few minutes with my head over the toilet bowl.  I know, lovely.  It really is miserable!  I didn't have this in the first trimester... I think having the huge belly and hovering over the toilet/sink just compounds the awfulness.  My doctor wrote me a prescription for Reglan, which helps empty the stomach faster, so we'll see if that helps... I would think so!  I can hear the acid just sloshing and gurgling around in my stomach when I go to bed. Yuck.  On Tuesday I was so sick, we ended up going to OB triage in the middle of the night because I was dehydrated and my stomach hurt so bad.  I got a liter of IV fluids and IV zofran, which did help for the night.

The belly is so big, it's getting harder and more uncomfortable to turn sides in bed.  I'm like a big troll, huffing and puffing.  Sweet Andy always asks, "Is there anything I can get you??" and I say pathetically, "Nothing."

I saw my doctor today, and I'm 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced!  I'm currently on Nifedipine, a blood pressure medicine that is used to stop/slow contractions, and she just wants to keep me on that.  She said she'd be happy if they came at 34 weeks.  Um, that's like 10 days away!  I am partly super excited for them to arrive and to have some use of my body back, but I also am hoping they make it to more like 35 weeks.  I just don't want them to have to spend any time in the NICU.

Baby A is still head down--praise God!  We can continue to move forward with plans for a vaginal delivery as long as he stays that way.  Now, Baby B has just been having a grand ole time flipping back and forth from breech to head down.  Now I can tell when he's doing it--it feels crazy!  Like my stomach is going to burst open.  He's just enjoying himself.  If he's head up at the time of the delivery, Dr. Hollar will attempt to turn him externally, and if that is unsuccessful, then she will deliver him breech.  Yikes!  We'll see if I go for an epidural or not... that sounds quite painful.  

Next week I'll get another growth ultrasound.  They should be past 4 pounds each at that point.  I hope they've grown even more!  I want some chunky babies :)  Oh man, I'm so excited to meet them and see what they look like.  

The nursery is... coming along.  I think I'm going to recruit some friends to help me decorate.  I really have no energy even if I wanted to cheat on bedrest, and after a few minutes of sitting on the ground and getting up, etc, I can feel my contractions getting worse.  So that's not a good idea. 

Ok, so I'm feeling miserable physically, but emotionally I am excited and can't believe their birthdays are just around the corner!  Ah!


  1. Oh girl, I so understand that misery. At that point, I remember asking my doctor, "So if I am still pregnant at 39 weeks, would you just go ahead and induce me or what?" He said, "Oh, I wouldn't go too far down that road if I were you. You are so small, I am positive you will deliver before then." And then, at 39 weeks, I was finally induced. Crazy! It definitely got worse as the weeks went by, and I remember feeling so anxious for them to come, even if it was early. But, looking back I am glad they went that long and that they were so big at birth ( 7 lbs. and 6 lbs 13 oz.). I really didn't want them to stay in the NICU. I will be praying for your comfort and that you can get some sleep at night! Sleep was in short supply from about 32 weeks on for me. I was just so so miserable and in pain all night. You can do it though! They will be here before you know it and then you will blink and they will be 6 months old! That is how it has felt for me anyway.

    1. Also, I wanted to ask if you would like me to forward some e-mails to you. I have a friend who lives out of town that is pregnant with twins, and I have been emailing back and forth with her about pregnancy, twins, etc. We also have older kids, so some of the emails are about that too, but I thought you might like to read them just to get some first hand accounts of things related to twins. If so, just post your email address here. Actually, I will try to find you on facebook and you can get in touch with me that way too.

    2. Hi, Holly! Yes, thank you! I would love to read your emails. Thanks for your encouragement, too. My doctor actually said early on that if they're not here by 38 weeks, then she induces. I guess just different practice. I still can't believe you went to 39 weeks! WOW. I'm hoping for 36 weekers... My email is Thank you!