Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Months Old!

I'm a day late with this post...  Wow, I just can't believe a quarter of their first year has gone by!  I know I'll be saying something to that effect basically their entire lives, but still.  We have really seen their little personalities come out this past month.  And they're getting stronger and more interactive.  It's getting fun around here!  It's so interesting that they both look SO different from one another, and we're thinking they're personalities are going to be just as different.  Their next doctor visit isn't until August, after they turn 4 months, so I don't know their weights/heights, but I can definitely tell they're getting bigger!


  • He is our smiley guy!  He's really good at the social smile and seems to love to smile at us.  He's got the cutest little dimples, and sometimes we catch him just laughing at his toys.  He also loves to watch Andy and smiles when he gets near.
  • He talks a lot!  His little coos are so so sweet.
  • He doesn't love tummy time as much as his brother, but he doesn't cry.  He just gets pretty lazy after a few minutes of lifting his head up high and lays his head down and sucks on his fist.  
  • He has found his hands and often sucks on his fingers and fist if he's sleepy.
  • His eyes are still deep blue.
  • He's still a good eater.  Takes 3-4 oz 7x/day
  • Fits comfortably in 0-3 mo. and 3 month clothes, Size 1 diapers (Size 2 Pampers overnight)


  • Zachy loves to smile and laugh, too.  He just seems to be tough and serious more often.  It's like he's always working hard and lets out little grunts. Once he locks eyes with me, it's very easy to get him to smile back at me.  Love it.
  • His reflux seems to be under control--the painful part of it, at least.  It seems like his spit ups have increased.  Some feeds he spits up 3-4 times during play time.  That might not be a lot, but compared to 0 from Benji, it is!  
  • He LOVES to stand!  His legs are so strong and he can stand with me holding his hands for a few minutes.  I think he may walk at an early age!  (I walked at 9 months...)
  • He is definitely capable of rolling from tummy to back and has almost made it from back to tummy.
  • He has recently discovered his hands and has started to suck his thumbs! It's pretty cute to watch.  He has even started to prefer his thumb over the binkie when going to sleep.  He also loves his hands and balls them up into little fists during playtime.  You can see in some of the pics below.  I love that the photographer captured this about him.  We call him our little boxer!
  • He has several bald spots, hair is still light orange/strawberry blond
  • His eyes are a dark greyish.  Not too sure what color they will end up being!
  • He's doing better with eating and takes 3-5 oz 7x/day (but is still pretty messy!)
  • He fits comfortably in 0-3 mo. and 3 month clothes; Size 1 diapers (Size 2 Pampers overnight)

Their bedtime is 7:30/8pm.  They'll have a 4 oz bottle, then go down for the night.  We go in and feed them a "dreamfeed" bottle, which they sleep through, around 10pm.  They have recently been sleeping until 5-5:30.  It's usually Zachary who wakes, but we'll wake Benjamin up and feed him, too.  They get 3 oz at the dreamfeed and this early am feed.  The goal is to get them back to sleep until about 7:30/8am, but sometimes they fight it or play a bit in their cribs.  (Especially Benji, he can get really giggly after this feeding!)  Needless to say, we are getting much more sleep these days, and it has been amazing for my mood and overall perspective on life!   I'm able to get up and start my day before they do, and this is huge.  Thank you, Jesus!

Other mentionable details...  they have started noticing one another --slightly.  We've caught them smiling at one another and they touch and kick each other!  I love that they have a built-in playmate!  So cute.  They love to lie under the activity mat and bat at the hanging toys.  They're funny to watch. They also went for their first swim on the 4th of July.  They were very calm and quiet.  The pool was so warm, maybe it didn't even feel like they were in water!  

Life is good around here.  I'm much more comfortable with our day to day and am not stressed out.  It's not a problem for me to have them on my own or run an errand or two (although grocery shopping is only possible if I leave them home with Andy).  I'm so in awe that we have TWO SONS and am thankful daily for these gifts.  

That face!


First swim!

Funny little swim outfits

3 months old!