Wednesday, October 23, 2013

13 Weeks!

Our little babies are the size of a kiwi this week!  
(But I've also read that they're the size of a clenched fist... so somewhere in between?)
Their vocal cords are developing, 
their digestive system has moved from the umbilical cord into the abdominal cavity, 
their little fingers and elbows can bend, 
their fingerprints have formed...

Isn't that crazy?  Such a miracle!

As for me...
I'm feeling OK.  Definitely not out of the woods yet with symptoms... 
I'm having trouble sleeping, which causes headaches, which causes overall blah-ness.
My stomach is bothering me a lot, but not as much nausea, so that's good.
I can't believe I don't have a bump yet!  Or do I?
Definitely pudge, though :)

I was mistaken about the ultrasounds being monthly--that doesn't start until after 18 weeks--
sad!  So our next OB appointment is in a week, and we'll hear the heartbeats again.
But the next peek at the little guys won't be for another 4-5 weeks!  
The fun thing is, though, we'll find out their genders then, yay!
I feel like time is moving pretty quickly, so maybe the ultrasound will be here before I know it. #wishfulthinking

The weather is changing here, and it has been feeling so nice outside!  Still hot--up to the 90s during the day, but it's cooling down in the mornings and evenings.  
Andy's mom and step dad get in town tomorrow for a little visit, so that will be nice.
I also need to update with pics from my NYC trip earlier this month!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost 12 weeks!

I can't believe that I'll be 12 weeks pregnant on Monday.
It feels like these weeks are flying by... I also still can't believe it's October!
For the most part, I have been feeling pretty well.
My main pregnancy "symptom" has been exhaustion. Like extreme exhaustion!
It's weird to feel so tired and not look pregnant yet, but I keep reminding myself that 
my body is busy growing and developing TWO little babies.
It's hard for me to have grace for myself!  
But I'm hoping to find some good time to rest over these next couple of weeks.  
I've had bouts of nausea, but nothing too major, and I've had several migraines.
Oh, and I also have some of the other side effects of pregnancy, 
mainly the GI system slowing down majorly :)  Lovely.

But I am so thankful for this pregnancy and who knows?  It could be my only one, 
so I want to enjoy every bit of it.
(It's actually probably impossible to "enjoy every moment", but I'll do my best.)
I haven't had many food cravings, but I am loving fruit, especially big juice apples and oranges.
I've been making a lot of grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, and I love my string cheese.
For some reason when I'm not feeling hungry or my stomach feels sour, all I want to 
eat is sticky white rice with soy sauce.  ugh, so unhealthy!  My mom got me these easy
microwaveable bowls of it, so unfortunately, I'm eating that every once in awhile, too!

Here's my first "belly shot".  Now, I wasn't the thinnest girl around to start and I think most of this picture is bloating--no bump yet!  But I'm looking forward to getting a bump here soon in the next few weeks :)

I had my first OB appointment on October 2, and I really like this doctor.  She seems really sweet
and personable and pretty laid back.
She found both heartbeats on the doppler, too!  I was amazed and so thankful
because I had been bracing myself for the worst, I think.
She wants to see me every month and get an ultrasound monthly, too.  
My next ultrasound should be in the next couple of weeks--it seems like forever
since we saw them last!  I'm hoping to find out their genders with the next one :)
But even if we do, we'll keep it a secret until a family gender reveal at Thanksgiving.