Friday, November 21, 2014

7 Months Old!


  • You are our snuggle bug.  
  • I love how you're in LOVE with your daddy.  Your eyes and face light up when he walks into the room.  You never pass up an opportunity to sit in his lap.
  • Your new favorite "toy" are the drawstrings on hoodies--if they dangle in front of you, you grab them and suck on them right away!
  • You grew in your 2 bottom teeth like a champ.
  • You're getting more coordinated with eating solids, although you still make a sour face a lot of the time when you swallow.  It's pretty funny.  
  • When you sit next to your brother, you like to touch his arm.  It's very sweet.
  • You've had a lot of mosquito bites this month--just like mommy.  Those darn bugs!  We're just too sweet :)
  • Sleeping has not been great this past month.  Your cold/allergies/cough has not really gone away.  I'm not sure if that's what's waking you overnight or teething or what, but you wake up a lot and cry.  Some nights it takes a long while to settle you back down, and you don't like to "cry it out".  We are hoping this is a phase we can train you out of, but it's hard for mommy because your cough makes her feel bad!
  • You now sit up very well on your own, although you do have your moments when you topple over.  
  • You have really found your voice and love to babble.  You're also very entertained by your brother and like to laugh at him.  
  • You have a Buddah belly and very chubby little feet. 
  • Your hair has lightened up but is still brown... and so soft.  I also think you might have some curl to it.
  • You fit comfortably in 9 month clothing, but we can still squeeze you into 6 months, too.  
  • Size 2 diapers during the day and Size 3 at night.  We will change over to Size 3 altogether, though, once I finish up the box of 2s.  
  • You take 6-8 oz 4x/day.

  • Still our strong and busy guy.  Most mornings when I come in to get you boys up for the day, you're already up on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth and talking.  You are ready to take on the day!
  • Speaking of hands and knees... you have begun to crawl!  You take a few steps and then get distracted, but you can do it!  Pretty soon you'll be crawling all over the place.  For now, you can get to a toy you're interested in that's close by.
  • You have had a cold, too, for awhile.  It hasn't bothered you too badly, but your cough is still pretty bad!  
  • You are a very good eater.  Your favorites are green beans and bananas.
  • You have a deep, raspy voice and kind of sound like when Joey Gladstone on Full House imitated Popeye.  Haha!
  • You are a champ at sitting up.
  • You have a nice round tummy and big ole thunder thighs.
  • You're still shorter than your brother.
  • Your hair is still reddish orange, and I love it. 
  • You fit comfortably in 6 month clothes, and 9 month still have some room to grow.
  • You take 4-8 oz 4x/day.

Rough Schedule
6:30ish  You start to stir... usually it's Zachary first, but he plays quietly until it's time to get up.
7 am Wakey wakey!  Play in your cribs while I change your diapers and put on your outfits
7:30 am Bottles then play
8:30 am Breakfast - oatmeal and some baby fruit
9/9:30 am Nap #1
11:00 Wake & bottles
12 noon Lunch - fruit & veggies (if we're home and not busy)
1/1:30 Nap #2
3:00 Wake & bottles
3-6 pm Playtime, run errands, go for walks, take a bath...  On Sundays and Tuesdays, we have church and lifegroup, which helps fill this time.  On the occasion we're just home, the boys tend to be pretty cranky until bed time.
6 pm  Dinner - Solids
7 pm Get ready for bed and have bedtime bottle.
7:30 pm Night night ;)

Who can resist a baby in a bucket?
 Family Hike to Hole in the Rock in Papago Park!

Having fun in our swings!