Wednesday, December 24, 2014

8 Months Old!

How have two thirds of the year already gone by?  
Our little babies are growing so fast, 
and their personalities are continuing to emerge with each passing day.
Month 7 brought another set of challenges with a seemingly month-long cold, accompanied by horrible coughs and some throwing up and refusing to eat.  Andy and I have also been sick, too.
We are getting by ok... although some days I have no idea what I'm doing!  :)
Sleeping has been difficult, too.  Naps are pretty good, but nights can be up in the air.
But, almost every morning--no matter what the night was like--my babies wake up smiley and giggly.

*You still only have 2 little bottom teeth and look SO cute when you talk to us.  You're not showing any acute signs of any other teeth growing soon.
*You are still learning to crawl but have your own special crawl down.  You can get up on your knees and make one crawl forward but then do an army crawl/reach kind of move after that.  You've mastered rolling, for sure,  if all else fails :)  You definitely get to where you need to go, though!
*You're still a good eater, but the both of you are taking in less milk overall during the day. Mommy still hasn't figured you out...what you need and when :(
*You have 3 solid meals a day, and you like breakfast the most... yogurt and oatmeal with a fruit.  We've discovered that you do NOT like textures and have a tough time getting past anything that's not super pureed.  So... you don't like puffs yet.  You have thrown up a couple times from gagging because of a food being too textured.  Hopefully practice will make perfect with this.
*You have a new sound that you love to make, especially when you're having fun with a toy.  It sounds like the "ahhh" someone makes when they taste something yummy or are satisfied with something.  You repeat it over and over.  Very funny and VERY cute.  
*You're pretty content and are good at playing by yourself and a toy or in your exersaucer.
*Like I said above, sleeping has been tough, but we have learned that you are very sensitive and when you wake up overnight, so just need to know we're there.  So we rub your back and neck and let you know we're there, and you typically fall back to sleep.
*Zachary is still the tough guy, but you have been caught stealing his toys time and again :)

*Your bottom two teeth are soon going to be joined by your top 2 teeth. You are currently teething and they are about to break through.  (8.5 months old)  Because of this you have bright red, chapped cheeks and a bit of a diaper rash.  Not to mention constant drool.
*You have mastered crawling, and I can hardly leave you alone for long because you of course are into everything.  Unlike Benji, you seem to be very busy all the time and are not entertained with one single toy for long.  ;)
*Your vocabulary is building, and your new favorite sound/word is dada-gaga-dada-gaga.  You wake up talking and very happy.
*You love yogurt and oatmeal with fruit, too, but you are also pretty good at eating other meals.  Both you and your brother don't have the biggest appetites around, though.  BUT you LOVE Puffs, which we started this month.  Your pincer grasp is so good, though you're still learning.  If you get a puff in the palm of your hand, it's hard for you to find it again.  
*As far as bottles and milk--you're going on a hunger strike of sorts.  You'll take your morning bottle great, but I can't seem to get many more ounces in you throughout the day.  And you're waking up famished overnight.  I'm hoping we can get over this hump soon.
*You still are so smiley and funny and goofy and love to play and wrestle with us.  

I love my Benji Bear and Zachy Poo!