Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend I had tons of fun with Andy's mom, Lyn!
I invited her out for Mother's Day weekend for somewhat of a "girls' weekend".

On a whim, I invited my mother in law(love) out, and thankfully, she was able to come!
We had such a good time having quality time together.
We got massages, laid by the pool, went out to eat, 
watched a movie and ate pizza, 
traipsed around Jerome, AZ like tourists,
 and enjoyed a beautiful Mother's Day brunch at a farm.

She was only here for 2 days but we packed it all in!
Thank you for visiting me, Lyn!

out to lunch at The Herb Box

little artist town of Jerome, AZ
Pop. 350

kind of looks like a coastal European city

Can you see me and Lyn?
Wouldn't you know that this tiny little town has a shop
with the "world's largest collection of kaleidoscopes"!

Couldn't really capture the beautiful views in this shot, but they were amazing.

Interesting fellow singing interesting songs.  The dog was such a sweetie.

Lyn opening her cards from us and Ben&Merinda.  They were so clever to mail them to my house!

The Farm at South Mountain puts on an AMAZING brunch for Mother's Day.
It was sooo lovely to eat al fresco under a tree and enjoy the day.
I've never had better bacon in my life.

Cheers to a great weekend!