Thursday, January 9, 2014

24 Weeks!

Early morning before work.
Instead of doing my usual weekly post, I'll be a little more anecdotal :)

Today I'm 24 weeks and 3 days.  I feel like my belly has grown a TON over the past 2-3 weeks.  I'm loving it!  I really feel pregnant now (read:  short of breath with stairs, hard to bend over or reach to the ground, hard to get out of bed) and sometimes waddle or hold my back when I walk!  I still feel pretty well overall, thank you, Lord!  I think some ligaments are stretching and squishing on my right side, as I'm having some intense pains in my ribs in the back and front, but that's to be expected.  I'm getting a massage tomorrow, which will be lovely!

I was going to get a massage last Friday, but I cancelled it because I needed to get an ultrasound of my left leg to rule out a clot.  I've had more swelling in my left leg than in my right ever since I started experiencing swelling, but last week I started having leg pains and was just nervous.  I don't have a clot, though, praise God!  So I think I'm chalking it up to hip pain.  My blood pressure has remained normal and stable, which is good, too.  So the swollen ankles (lovely cankles at the end of the day!) just comes with the territory of carrying twins.

The boys are so active now!  I feel them all day long and early in the morning when I'm waking up.  I love them so much and can't wait to meet them.  Their little kicks and pokes and flip flops are so fun.  I'm just so amazed with this whole process, the miracle of pregnancy and the creation of life.  What a blessing it is to carry these little guys inside me!  My belly is big and tight all day long and sometimes feels like I'm about to pop already, but Andy keeps reminding me I'm only going to get bigger :)  Crazy.  My doctor is happy with my weight gain...  I've only gained about 17 pounds, and I'm more than halfway done, so I'm curious to see where I end up.

My glucose tolerance test is in 2 weeks.  I'm a little nervous about that but trusting God in it all.  I'm trying to lay off sugary stuff, but sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate! ;)  There's a higher chance of having gestational diabetes with twins because you have 2 placentas to deplete your resources, but it's definitely not a given, so we'll see.

If you can believe it, we have 11-14 weeks until these boy arrive.  The expected arrival window for healthy twins is 35-38 weeks.  If they haven't come by 38 weeks--April 14th--my doctor will induce me.  So now I'm just saying my due date is April 14th (not April 28th, which is 40 weeks).  We are down to crunch time, it feels like, to start working on the nursery, research cribs and highchairs and carseats and strollers, etc.  We started a registry last weekend, but I'm still not sure about the carseats and highchairs. I know the highchairs aren't priority, so we may even wait on those.  Carseats, though--those are important!  A neighbor of ours with twin boys offered us their carseats, so we need to go check them out.  If they're in good condition, we might take them!

Yesterday at the hospital, I saw a mom walking to the clinic holding the hands of her identical twin boys, who were dressed alike.  It was so sweet, and it got me so excited to raise boys.  We have their names and words from the Lord to believe over their lives, and I just can't wait to meet them.  (Have I already said that??)  We're saving their names until they're born.  I want to keep some element of surprise :)

Our next ultrasound is on January 17th.  I'll post pics of the babes then.