Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm in love.

Andy and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on August 8th.  We still hear from people that our wedding was the best wedding they've been to!  I take that as a compliment, as I had been planning that day for pretty much my whole life :)  Just kidding.  Really though, two years is not that long in the grand scheme of things, but for us, we are thankful and excited for more.  We love being married.

It's easy to love being married when you're married to a wonderful man like Andy.  There are so many great things about him, sometimes I feel bad that he got stuck with ME!  I know I know, there are so many great things about me, too, but this post is about him.  First of all, he is so handsome.  I often tell him that my favorite feature about him is his smile.  Doesn't it just make you happy?  It makes me happy, and when he smiles, his eyes light up and you just feel comfortable.  He is so disarming.  Andy has a way about him that allows people to feel loved, secure, and wanted when he is talking to them.  He is such a good listener, too.  He loves to give people his undivided attention when they're talking.  Often people come to him for advice.  Even some of my girlfriends feel comfortable to talk to him about issues going on because he listens well, but he also is wise and kind.  He works hard on whatever he is doing.  You can expect an A+ worthy product if you ask Andy to do it.  He is an amazing teacher.  I don't just mean stand-in-front-of-the-class teacher, but even when he teaches me things in the day to day.  It can be as simple as "What are clouds?"  (I know, I think I should know that from 2nd grade) to "Tell me what you think about Revelation."  He will ponder your question, search his mind and heart, and explain the answer to you in a way you will understand.

Andy is also goofy... just like me.  Probably only Andy and my immediate family know just how weird I can be.  Definitely Andy knows best...and he is weird right along with me!  I love it.  I obviously wouldn't have married him if I couldn't be myself around him, but I still absolutely love feeling so comfortable and secure around him that I can be weird and have my sense of humor and not fear him running away.  Haha, I think some people would if they knew!  (I'm good for him.  I teach him not to take himself so seriously :)  Andy has a big heart.  I love the way he loves babies and Golden Retrievers.  (Almost equally.)  In fact, the only way I for sure know how to get a tear produced from him is to show him some Youtube video about a loyal dog.  He also has a compassionate heart (although he wouldn't agree), and he cares about people so well. 

He also cares FOR people well, too... mainly me.  I get migraines, and during our first year of marriage, I started getting them once a week for about 3 months.  They were terrible, and there was nothing he could do for me, yet he tried anyway.  He would set me up in bed, with a trashcan at my side, a cold cloth over my forehead, and with Excedrin migraine in my hand.  He just wants to help me.  So sweet.  (Sweet because I'm sometimes screaming and crying in pain, and really there is nothing he can do.)  A more recent example...  2 nights ago I pinched something in my neck and couldn't move it without excruciating pain.  I only got a few hours of sleep that night, and woke up at 4 crying.  He went to CVS around 5 to get me cold packs, heating pads, Bengay, and straws.  He held my hand.  He took me to the Chiropractor.  I mean, he is just a servant.  He serves me without any question.  I love him.

I love this man and can't wait to celebrate more years at his side!


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