Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture Update

Here are some pictures of our team touring ASU's campus a few weeks ago.  We wanted to get familiar with the layout since we'll be doing a lot of ministry here.  At this point, we have been on campus everyday for the past 3 weeks.  We have a table outside the main dining hall with a big banner saying, "Looking for a church?"  Each day we have about 20 new students sign up to get information about our church and ministries.  It's super exciting.  This past sunday we had 60 people at church!  We're already looking into renting a space to hold church at in a few weeks.
Travis and Andy carrying Ellie and Gracie

Such a cutie!

Baby Emmy

everyone was sweaty

Me and Lauren.  So sad to see her go in a few days!  :(

A walk thru the fountain felt nice in the heat!

Ellie being silly in the student union--they have a Chick Fil A!

Gracie and Lauren.  Gracie always does whatever Ellie does!
Next up are some more pictures of us just hanging out.  This night we were at a family's home who has been committed to our church when it was just a dream of ours.  This couple's kids were actually in our old Boston pastor's youth group in Waco way back in the day!  They have been living in Phoenix for most of their lives now, so they've been hoping an Antioch church plant would make it's way out west.  We finally did!  The Runnels family is really a treasure to us all.  I absolutely love Stan and Cheryl.  They feel like grandparents or an uncle and aunt to Andy and me.  Two of their adult children, Rebekah and Michael, are committed to our church as well.  Rebekah is a chef (amaaaaazing) and makes dinner for our church service every sunday!  We get weekly gourmet meals!  She has a sweet daughter named Eliana Grace.  Also known as Ellie.

Ellie and me

Ellie, Emmy, Lauren, and me after dinner.
Here's a picture of the new Pottery Barn duvet cover my mom got us for our 2nd anniversary!  (Oh, yeah!  That was on August 8.  I meant to post about it...  Maybe soon.)  I love our bed!

Lastly, here are some pictures from Passport, which was ASU's freshman night.  Hundreds of clubs, organizations, and groups set up tables for the freshman to visit and get info from.  This event is always held the night before the first day of school.  Miraculously, Antioch Community Church was approved to host a table at Passport!  We were busy getting materials ready for this event, and it went great.  Over 125 students signed up to get more info about our church and about 15 students actually came to church.  We are just getting our name on campus as much as we can.  It was a fun night!  We met tons of people and had a blast talking with students, handing out flyers, and giving away frisbees.
Andy and me at the table.  Adam did a great job designing our banners.

Shelly and Gracie.

Even Gracie wants to sign up for church!  :)

Ellie loved her lollipop!

This is not posed--actual conversations happening.  Our table was hoppin!

Holding up the frisbees we made!


  1. LOVE that duvet cover!!! Wish my mom got us fun gifts like that! ;)

  2. Haha, well... I asked her if she would get it!