Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hanging around... at the hospital and home

These little guys are definitely keeping us up at night and keeping us on our toes 
with all their squeaks and squaks and cries and poops...

But we are head over heels in love.  

Not sure when I'll be able to venture out of the house with them on my own
(so far we've only gone to the doctor, the lab, and Target parking lot with help), 
and I know I may be getting the hang of this for the next month or so...

so until then, here are people who have visited us

Auntie D (Victoria... we call each other Dana for some reason) 
cannot wait to come back to visit from Houston.  
And Benji and Zachy can't wait to see her again!
Auntie "D" with Zachy
 I love seeing my dad with my sons.
Yet-to-be-named Pops with his grandsons
 The Phillips girls have had lots of practice with newborns!
Miss Ellie Phillips holding Benji

Big girl Emmy Phillips holding Benji

Miss Gracie Goo holding Zachy

Little lady!

Emmy and Zachy

Big girls... the boys' neighbors :)

Sleepy daddy and Benji

Precious Z just hanging out

B loves his Wubbanub

One week birthday!

Amazed that they fit inside my belly!

First bath!

They didn't appreciate the bath :(


B loves his hands up by his head

Poor Zachy has been having lots of tummy troubles, so please be praying for him!  He's up a lot at night and just seems really uncomfortable.  We're wondering if it's the formula I'm having to supplement with.  They have their circumcisions on Monday, so I will talk to the doctor then.

We're also having lots of trouble getting the hang of nursing.  I'm pumping and bottle feeding them a lot since it takes them so long to latch and often don't even latch at all.  Huge learning curve!



  1. Hope you are having at least some success nursing! It is tough work and takes a lot of persistence. Good for you for keeping at it. I emailed you back. Hope you got it. I am loving all these pictures! I remember looking at the girls in awe that they both had fit inside me. Amazing, huh?!