Tuesday, April 8, 2014

37 weeks

Sorry for the poor quality photo!
37 weeks + 1 day
40 Week Due Date: April 28th - But my induction is scheduled for next Monday morning, April 14th.
Weight Gain:  I gained another 3 pounds, bringing my total weight gain up to 40 pounds for this pregnancy.  Considering I'm carrying at least 12 pounds of baby, 2 placentas, and a whole lot of blood and extra fluids, I'm thinking that I will lose at least half of it after they're delivered.  Or at least I'm hoping that.  I'm just so short that carrying around this extra weight is tiring!
How I Am Feeling: Ok, so I'm not feeling so great these days.  My swollen fingers and feet are actually really painful.  My right hand/fingers get tingly and go numb from time to time throughout the day. especially when I use them.  I wake up not able to bend any of my fingers, and when I get out of bed my feet are in a lot of pain.  I'm just feeling large over all and it's uncomfortable.  I think I had false labor Sunday night, and I got really excited about it.  But things slowed down once I got home church and was getting ready for bed.  I haven't felt cramping since then.  My membranes were successfully stripped on Monday afternoon, but nothing happened after that, despite a walk and drinking Balsamic Vinegar.  Here are some photos of my lovely hands and feet:
They've been worse than this!
It's hard to tell (maybe) how swollen they are, but believe me...

Movement: They are still squirming around and loving the Lemonberry slushes I've been getting from Sonic during happy hour the past 2 days :)
Sleeping: Sleeping is tough.  It's very hard to turn sides in bed and inevitably I fall asleep on a hand or with my wrist bent, only to wake up with it numb and in then in pain!  Oy vey!
Clothing:  Still the same, but I'm managing to find some outfits that work.  Some of my maternity shirts aren't fully covering my belly!  Here is evidence:
I kept thinking, #shouldibeembarrassed as I was out for a walk :)

Activity:  I have been out for a walk everyday for the past week.  These past few days, I was hoping that it would get labor going, since I had my membranes stripped yesterday, but there has been no action whatsoever.  I went for a longer walk today, and all it did was send me literally waddling home in a panic because I had to go to the bathroom so bad.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous!  :)
Most Looking Forward To: Labor to start--or my induction!  I really didn't want to get to the place of needing an induction... just because I've heard horror stories and also just the worry that if I don't progress, then they go to Pitocin, then it's really painful, then I get an epidural, then their heart rates might drop, then they might tell me I need an "emergency c-section"... I just know it can be a slippery slope.  My doctor will start out slow, with Cervidil gel... so I'm praying that if we get to Monday, that the gel is all that I'll need!  Trying to trust the Lord.  
Thankful For:  The fact that these boys have made it to full term!  What a miracle!  (I guess bedrest worked?)  As much discomfort I am in, I am so thankful that they will be full-sized little humans.  No NICU, in Jesus' name.  No worries about their lungs.  They can come whenever they want!  I never thought I'd get to 37 weeks.  

Andy and I went out for dinner last Saturday night--thinking it would be our last childless date night!  But I think we'll have to plan for another one this weekend.  Then we'll really live it up!  


  1. so i just have to chime in: the goal is happy, healthy babies. i totally agree that c-sections are offered too frequently but i ended up having an emergency c-section [legitimately] when the little man's heart rate dropped into the 20's. turns out he had managed to wrap the cord around his neck twice. summary: don't beat yourself up if birth doesn't go "as planned." just hug those wee baby boys when they arrive, b''h!

    1. You're right. Gosh, the 20s... that's scary! Glad he was ok and healthy!! I also know if I go into it stressed, that won't help one bit.

  2. So happy for you! I will be praying for you on Monday. When I was induced, they started me with a low level of pitocin that was sustained throughout my labor. I got an epidural (had planned to) which they had a hard time getting to work for me, but in the end it was the smoothest birth experience I have had so far (of the 3 I have had). So, pitocin and epidural don't necessarily have to mean bad things :) Hope it goes really well!

    1. I reread your birth story last night, so I remember that! ;) You're right... I just have always had this thing in my head about doing it natural since my mom did for all 4 of us. But everyone is different! My doctor seems pretty conservative, so if we have to move to pitocin, I would think she'd use the smallest dose as possible. Thanks, Holly! I look forward to sharing my birth story soon! :)

  3. Praying for a smooth delivery! I was induced and cervadil did trick.. No pitocin needed! I had the same concerns about being induced but I had a great experience!!!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! So glad to hear that was all you needed! Hoping for the same :)