Thursday, April 3, 2014

36 Weeks

Sorry, no belly pic.  I'll try to post one on Monday!

40 Week Due Date: April 28th - But my doctor will not let me go past 38 weeks, which is April 14th.
Weight Gain: Well, sadly, I gained 7 pounds of water weight in like 2 days last week.  I started to swell a ton and my cankles wouldn't even go away after a night of sleeping with them propped up.  My blood pressure has been stable and normal, so the doctor wasn't too concerned.  I see her again tomorrow, and we'll see if the weight has gone down at all.  ***Update:  I did see her on Tuesday, and my weight was stable; I hadn't gained anything else.
How I Am Feeling: I am honestly feeling pretty well, considering that I'm carrying about 10-11 lbs of baby.  My back is very very sore... and I think I overdid it with a tennis ball up against the wall the other night, and now my back muscles are tender to even the slightest touch.  But my energy is up (minus the afternoon naps that are necessary), and I overall just feel good.  I feel like I could go to 38 weeks...  ***Update:  I will see the doctor again on Monday, and she's going to strip my membranes in attempts to get labor going naturally!  In hopes to avoid induction.  I'm realllllly excited for this and hope I start contractions that afternoon!  Eek.
Movement: They are really active these days!  I've been feeling Baby B (who has been feet down for most of the pregnancy) kicking me up in my ribs, so I'm wondering if he really did flip!  But he's tricked me before with putting his little feet over his head, so who knows.  I feel them a lot in the evenings and in the middle of the night when I get back in bed after a bathroom trip.  
Sleeping: Well, sleeping is tough, but that's a given.  Some nights I toss and turn a lot, and every night I go to the bathroom at least 3 times, my max has been 5 times.  I have taken Benadryl at bedtime several nights, and that really helps, but then I wake up with dry mouth and feeling extremely groggy.  So, I don't like to do that often.
Clothing: Getting dressed has become kind of a nuisance!  haha.  It's getting hotter out, so I'm not loving pants, but I don't have any maternity shorts.  I have these OLD mesh shorts that I've been wearing around the house.  I have 2 skirts that work, but even those are annoying.  If I could walk around in my bra and underwear, I would.  The belly is just so huge that covering it with the stretchy maternity fabric is very annoying.
Bedrest: Well, last week I was officially off of it.  I have definitely been more mobile, but it does wear me out.  I went swimming at my parents' house on Saturday, and that really felt good.  I got some exercise in my kicking my legs a lot, and my muscles definitely feel sore now.  But a good sore.  I'm going to swim at my friend Lauren's apartment today (Monday), and tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going for a walk with another pregnant girl who is 2 1/2 cm dilated already.  We'll see how long the walk will last for me, but it will be nice to exercise.
Most Looking Forward To: Meeting these little men!!!  ***Update:  I had my last ultrasound today (Thursday), and Baby A weighs 5 lbs 7 oz and Baby B weighs 6 lbs 6 oz!  What?!  So much baby!  I'm so thankful that they're growing so well!  B will definitely be the bigger brother, even though he's going to be younger (by a few minutes).  And guess what--Baby B flipped, so now he's HEAD DOWN!  Woohoo!
Thankful For: God's faithfulness and nearness.  I have been feeling really guilty for not being on bedrest but not working... and then not working for another 12 weeks once they're born.  And the financial strain this is creating.    I can't go back to work because my short term disability would end, and we need those benefits now and for the first 6 weeks post-delivery.  Sunday night I had a dream with a tiny little bird in it (I accidentally hit it with my hand and killed it, but we won't talk about that part...), and then on Monday morning during my quiet time outside, the birds were just out of control.  Like there was a bird convention going on.  All kinds of birds, too--hummingbirds, mourning doves, bluejays, crows, little cutie birds...  Just flying around, hopping around near me.  I felt like God was telling me, out of Matthew, that He takes care of the sparrow, so how much more will He take care of me.  And the sparrow even makes her home near the altar of God, so also should I find my home and rest in His presence.  I just felt peace.  He is our Provider and takes care of our every need.  I just needed a little (or in my face) reminder.  


  1. You are getting so close! How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of them.

  2. Love how God speaks to us all in different ways & loved His reminder for you. Praying for you, your family, & your precious little miracles. I am so excited for you knowing the pure and perfect joy that is just around the corner - I can't wait to read of their arrival!!

  3. after you have your membranes stripped, don't get too excited if you have contractions...they can be false labor. Wait to get excited until they get regular and closer together. Excited for you to meet these babes!