Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maternity photos

After our team moved here in 2011 to plant Antioch, it seems like there has been a steady flow of other Boston friends who have made their way out here, too!  Four different couples have moved out here since 2012.  One of those couples (now a threesome with little Mailey's birth in August!) is the Swansons.  Danielle Swanson is an amazingly gifted little lady, and one of her talents is photography.  Since moving here, she's had so many chances to do maternity and newborn photos with our influx of babies :)  and now I get to benefit from her services.  Yay!

We went to a little strip of park in Gilbert last Friday and got some great shots.  Now, all of her editing and her eye is awesome, but the subject (read: me) is another story.    I've gained serious poundage in the last month, and I feel like I look huge in these photos!  So I will only post a few.  I know, I know, I'm having twins.  But still!

My baby shower is this Saturday, and I'm so excited.  God is so faithful.  A year ago I wasn't even close to being pregnant and at times wondered if I'd ever have a baby shower.  Honestly, I can't thank God enough and will never cease being in awe of His perfect ways, His generosity, His love.

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  1. beautiful sweet friend. can you believe when you and andy got married I was preggo with my first? and now you get the sweet privilege of carrying your precious babes! love you