Wednesday, July 22, 2015

13 Month Photo Shoot

All the way at the beginning of June (this summer is flying by!), our friends Matt and Cassie and their little almost-two-year-old girl Sammy visited.  We had so much fun having another family in our home!  Matt is Andy's childhood best friend.  They actually moved to Boston the summer we moved to Tempe... ironic.  Cassie is an amazingly talented family photographer in Boston, and she graciously did a photo sesh for us before they left.  I am just thrilled by how these pictures turned out.  I love the way she edits them and brings the light in so bright and soft.  The boys were overall pretty happy.  Zachary had just started picking up the pace with his walking, so she captured some of his busyness in the photos.
Thank you, Cassie!!




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