Thursday, June 5, 2014


Benjamin Andrew

Zachary Ryan

We've been doing a lot of growing around here lately.  The boys are getting bigger by the day, it seems!  They both have little double chins and are filling out nicely.  Benji seems to be getting pretty long.  I'm so curious to see how tall they are, and I'm thinking they've got to be close to 10 lbs.  We've even moved up to Size 1 diapers!  *tear

Here they are during "play time".  They love to play on their activity mat.  I'm still discovering different noises and fun things this mat does!  I love it, and so do they :)  They're starting to interact more with the hanging toys, batting at them and smiling, laughing, and talking.  Benji LOVES to talk and coo.  
They're also doing a great job with tummy time.  Their neck muscles are getting stronger. They also like to scootch themselves with their little legs.  One time I put Zachy parallel to Benji and stepped away for a moment.  When I looked back, Zachary was perpendicular to his brother!  

I just think they look so big here, especially Benjamin.  He likes one arm out of his swaddle, and it usually ends up behind his head or over his face.  I think he looks like a little teenager, just snoozing!  Love it.

We are SO big!

I have to say, Mommy is doing some growing herself.  I'm growing in the area of grace and patience.  Having newborn twins has been incredibly stretching for everything-has-to-be-perfect-and-I-like-to-follow-a-schedule me.  These boys are amazing and all that we hoped for and imagined, AND they're a lot of work!  Soooo stretching for the both of us.  My attitude can be pretty crabby at times, and I'm convicted daily.  I know that sleep deprivation doesn't help, but I'm also just asking for more grace from the Lord and more trust that He will work everything out in His timing.  The main area of stress for me is feeding them and doing things on my own.  I'm still nursing/pumping and bottlefeeding with a mix of formula and breastmilk.  I'm praying through when we'll transition to fully formula because it's taking a toll on me mentally.  I'm also have to believe that the boys will sleep through the night in His timing.  They will learn to nap, with our help, and by the grace of God.  We won't be in the newborn phase forever--which is simultaneously exciting and sad.  I return to work in 18 days, but I don't need to stress now; I want to be present in every moment and walk in Joy... not fear or worry.   Needless to say, if you know anyone with infant twins--pray for them and offer help!  :)  I take help whenever I can get it.


  1. Will be praying for you as you and the boys (and Andy!) grow together... Especially as you transition back to work.. Just passed that milestone myself and it was/is emotional.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Nothing can prepare you to the love you'll have for your children, huh?? Such a blessing... and so hard to leave them, I believe it.

    2. The anticipation of having to be away from Caleb was worse than actually doing it. Trusting our caregivers has helped (our moms thankfully!) and lots of prayers..being inundated with things to catch up on at work has also help distract me from missing him. You will all do great!
      And you will know when you are ready to switch to all formula.. I had such a difficult time with breastfeeding and low supply issues and a very voracious eater :) felt so guilty thinking about making the switch but when I did it was the best thing for all of us...we are all much happier. ..

  2. You're doing a great job! It is hard to wait for that time when their schedules are more predictable and the same from day to day. But, it will happen before you know it! I will be praying for you, that God gives you peace about each day, no matter how it goes.