Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy One Month!

Benjamin:  Benji Bear

  • He weighs  8 lbs  and 8 oz and is 22 ins long (Birth: 6lbs 5 oz, 19.5 ins)
  • He is our good sleeper--he's pretty good about self-soothing and once he's put into his crib, he usually can fall asleep without much help.
  • But what does wake him up is when he pees on himself.  And that has happened several times!
  • He loves his Wubbanub that we've named Quackers.  He likes to hold him while sucking away.  Sometimes he takes him out by himself when he's had enough!
  • When he cries, he gets a big pouty lip!  It's so sad and cute!
  • Also, when he cries, he sounds like a baby goat!  He also makes snorting noises a lot when he's just hanging out, so we call him our little farm animal :)  
  • He's a good eater.  He takes his time and is much slower than his little brother.  
  • He loves to go in his car seat and go for rides. (Although, he did scream his head off one time I thought I'd go to a coffee shop drive thru--don't mind the screaming baby, I'd just like an iced mocha please.)
  • When his brother cries, he hardly stirs.
  • I've caught a couple little smiles here and there, but he's our little serious baby.
  • He has rolled from back to side/tummy.
  • He has strong neck muscles.

Zachary:  Zachy Poo
  • He weighs 8 lbs and 1/2 oz and is 21 ins long (Birth: 6lbs 9 oz, 20 ins)
  • He usually has a harder time falling asleep, but once he's asleep, he usually stays asleep until he is hungry.  He typically wakes up screaming :)
  • If Benji is our sensitive guy, Zachary is our angry guy.  If he doesn't get picked up or fed immediately when he's upset, then he will let. you. know. how he feels about it!
  • Zachary also loves his Blue Bear Wubbanub, but he doesn't usually want it as much as his big brother.
  • Zachy is a voracious eater and often eats way too fast, taking in a lot of air and dribbling some out of his mouth.  We always need a burp cloth around him for dribbles.  
  • We have seen Zachy smile a lot, in his sleep mostly, but also awake.  He is very responsive to our talking to him.  
  • He has rolled from back to side/tummy.
  • When his brother cries, he hardly stirs.
  • He has strong neck muscles.   

Enjoying some tummy time

Proof that they're not always happy :)

 Wubbanub love  

We are so in love with these guys.  They are so precious and daily reminders of God's love and faithfulness.  A year ago we didn't know they would come into our lives and change them forever, but somehow there was love for them in our hearts already then.  We are honestly extremely exhausted and not sleeping more than 3 hour chunks, but they have stolen our hearts.  I know I may never get to snuggle them and kiss them and hold them as they fall asleep again as they grow up and bigger, so I'm cherishing these days.  Even in the middle of the night as I'm wanting to sleep forever... each kiss on the soft cheek is worth it.  But hey, we are looking forward to longer stretches at night ;-)

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  1. So precious!! Love hearing about their individual personalities!!

    More sleep will come!