Friday, November 29, 2013

18 Weeks and Gender Reveal!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends and family!

I have been ready to post since Monday, but for some reason my 18 week belly pics 
would not upload onto my computer.  So, this lovely photo will have to suffice for my belly shot!
(Our friend Danielle Swanson is an amazingly gifted photographer.  
We will be hiring her for maternity and newborn photos, for sure!)

The pic I had Andy take of my belly showed my bump much better, but you can kind of tell here that I'm popping out now... or at least I think I am!  It's crazy feeling the bump.  I love it!
I'll do my pregnancy update then post the genders (although, most of you I'm sure already know!).

How far along: 18 weeks and 4 days
Baby size: as long as sweet potatoes (crown to rump)

Total weight gain: still about 10 lbs...  I may or may not continue to reveal this little detail!!  My doctor told me to gain 5 lbs every month here on out from our last appointment on Nov. 2, but I don't think that's absolutely necessary.  I'm trying to watch my portions and eat healthy and let things happen.
Sleep:  I've had a terrible cold/respiratory infection that has plagued me during sleep... coughing a ton and needing to blow my nose through the night.  But pregnancy wise, I'm sleeping well!
Movement:  I still can't feel their movements!  I'm trying hard to concentrate and feel those "flutters".  We found out both placentas are anterior--or basically on the top.  I read if that's the case, they have to kick through more layers, so you may not feel them til later on.
Food cravings/aversions:  I honestly don't think I'm craving anything in particular.  I don't like thinking that any food or craving will control me, anyway!  But I will say that bagels are still yummy and my love of rich coffee has returned :)
Pregnancy Symptoms:  The headaches are still on/off,  but not as bad.  I have gotten sharp round ligament pain when changing position really fast.  Other than that, I feel great!
What I miss: Nothing!  
What I'm looking forward to:  Picking out some cute clothes for the babies for Christmas and starting to plan their nursery.
Milestones:  We found out their genders!  In addition, their whole anatomy scan was amazing, and we were so thrilled to see their sweet little bodies and how miraculously God has formed them and continues to grow and develop them.  All of their parts and organs looks healthy!  (brains, kidneys, intestines, spinal cords, 20 fingers, 20 toes, hearts)

Best moment this week: Spending Thanksgiving week with my parents, Nick, Victoria, and Andy in my parents' new place in Scottsdale.  We're having a lot of fun together, and it has been great to relax with not much on the agenda.  I enjoyed cooking and baking a ton yesterday, too.

Now, onto the gender reveal!!!


We were actually SO surprised and almost taken aback, but after sometime to process and pray, 
we both realized how exciting this is.  God knows what's best for our family.
We have learned to trust him, especially when things don't go exactly how we planned.
We were thinking we'd have at least one little girl, 
but instead we have been given 
2 little boys. 
2 best friends.
2 mighty men.

We can't wait to meet these special, miraculous little guys!

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