Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm 26!

My birthday was lovely!  Thank you to my friends and family who helped celebrate me on September 27th!  The celebration started the night before at our team meeting, where I opened gifts from my girlfriends and was encouraged and prayed for.  Then we ate yummy brownie sundaes--my favorite dessert--even over birthday cake!  On the morning of my birthday, my sweet husband got me my free Starbucks drink before I left for work at 6:45am!  He's so good to me.  Around 2pm at work I received a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a cute ceramic pumpkin--from Andy!  It has always been a romantical dream of mine to get flowers delivered to me at work... and so it happened!  My coworkers also surprised me with a HUGE and delicious birthday cake from Costco.  SO good!  (Have you ever had cake from Costco?  Amaaazing!)  After work I got a great spa pedicure and had a nice conversation with my good friend Amy.  Then Andy and I went to dinner at this great urban pizzeria and wine bar that I've been wanting to try out.  I spoke with my parents, my siblings, my grandfather, and a good friend... I opened lots of sweet cards, thoughtful gifts, and received three gorgeous flower arrangements... all in all it was a great day! 
Loving my sparkley toes!

My delicious mushroom pizza with goat cheese and spinach!

still feel like newlyweds... we are, right?

Make a wish!

A free dessert... freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel ice cream.


  1. What a great birthday for such a sweet friend! Glad it was wonderful!

  2. Yum! Your place looks SO cute! I can't wait to come out and see it in person. So glad you had such a nice birthday celebration week! Love you lots! Mama