Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's having a baby!

Today a group of ladies and me helped celebrate our friend Emily Little as she prepares for her first child, due this August.  The baby shower turned out great and a lot of people came and had a lovely time.  Emily is married to Seth, the worship pastor of our church, CFCF.  They have both been involved in our church for several years--in college ministry, worship, the training school, serving so many people--needless to say, many women want to celebrate this baby along with them!  She is a sweet friend to me,  and Andy calls Seth one of his closest friends, too, so we will miss them out in Arizona. 
onesies sewed by Lisa Pierce

one of the 2 tables of treats

delicious and colorful!

Cake Pops... recipe below!

Always a blessing to have a Starbucks alumni in our midst! (They generously donated coffee.)

Um, these are being added to my Crate&Barrel wishlist... in my head.

I was in charge of flowers.  Trader Joe's is the best!

Kristen's famous fruit pizza (seen at any gathering/party/shower). I LOVE it!

Rose Cake.  Made by moi.

The guest of honor and her mom--who flew up from Georgia and surprised Emily today!

Standard awkward opening presents pic.
Cake Pops
So, cake pops started gaining popularity from this blog, Bakerella.  I definitely did not make this recipe up, and to be honest, I more call it "directions" not a "recipe" since it involves store bought mixes.
  • Make a cake mix according to the directions. (I used rainbow chip--classic!)
  • Bake cake and let completely cool.
  • Break up cake into your mixer.  Mix in on low speed a can of frosting. (I used rainbow chip again).
  • When everything is incorporated, you have a pasty mix.  Scoop the mix up into little balls (I used by small cookie scoop and then hand rolled them after they were chilled) and put on a cookie sheet.  Put in freezer until chilled, or until ready to dip.
  • Dip balls (by using spoon or lollipop sticks) into melted chocolate or candy melts.
  • Let harden up in freezer or fridge.  
I kept them in the freezer overnight before the party.  They never freeze rock hard, so I think that's fine to do!  If making cake pops (as opposed to cake balls--with no sticks), make sure you dip the entire ball in your coating so the stick is anchored.