Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye 9South

I just drove home from Children's Hospital Boston for the last time.  I just worked my last shift.  When I opened the door, I walked into an apartment that looked drastically different than when I left.  All the frames are off the walls.  The tv is packed away.  The entertainment cabinet is on the curb.  Boxes are piled high.  This is really happening!  I turned in my badge tonight; I had my exit interview.  It's done.

As much as you can prepare yourself for goodbyes, that doesn't make them any easier.  Although I haven't cried any tears yet, my heart is full of emotion.  Walking off of my 9South tonight was very hard.  My stomach felt a little sick.  Here is a quote from the goodbye letter I wrote my colleagues: 

"I don’t know where to begin when thinking about all the things I love about you all.  I truly believe that we have the best job around.  I know we know this, but it’s hard to remember when we’re working our third 12 hour shift in a row with the same family that’s driving us nuts or as we empty our 50th hat of the day; what a privilege it is to be a nurse.  We get to enter into people’s hurt and pain and love and care for them--offering hope--in such a vulnerable time in life.  We get to be healers, counselors, shoulders to cry on, mediators, translators, advocators, playmates, bottle-feeders, teachers, baby rockers, and friends.  And you all play these roles so well.  Some better than others, but the sweet thing is that we can all find our niche and excel in that place.  As nurses we wear many hats, and I will miss swapping hats with all of you."

I honestly think the hardest part about leaving Boston is walking away from this incredible "job".  I put job in quotations because so often it hasn't felt like a job, it has felt like an honor, a blessing, an amazing opportunity.  I will miss every single person I have worked with.  I am so expectant and excited for what God has for us in Phoenix, but boy, will I miss Children's.  I will work at another children's hospital, and there will be more amazing people to work with.  I will meet more kids that I just love and more families that bring joy to my heart.  I will learn how to work on a team of different doctors and nurses and social workers and child life specialists...  but memories of 9South will always be fond in my memory, close to my heart.  I am so thankful for this opportunity I have been blessed with these past 4 years. 

I will hopefully have some pictures to post tomorrow from the little dinner and bowling get together my floor planned for my going away.  I just had to get these thoughts out now. 

So this is really happening.  One chapter is ending in my life... and a new one is beginning.


  1. Being a nurse sounds awesome!
    Goodbyes are hard. I feel for you. But I am excited for your new journey!

  2. Thanks, Ash! Being a nurse is kind of like being a mom! :) Not that I would fully know, but yeah.