Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Start...

Last night was the going away party for our dear friends the Phillips, who are starting the trek to Arizona, ahead of the rest of our team.  Travis will be the lead pastor of our church in Tempe, alongside his wife, Joy, and their three little girls (Ellie, Gracie, and Emily).  Of course, my emotions are not as sad or deep as most other people's because I know that I'm going to see them in the next few months and no doubt live in the same neighborhood come June!  But I think the reality of the transition stage of our life is hitting me.  First we say goodbye to The Phillips, who have been such an integral part of our church and our community and who have impacted hundreds of peoples' lives... then we say goodbye to my dear friend Lisa, and her family, when they leave in May to see a move of God happen in Indonesia.  Lisa was my first good friend at CFCF and discipled me for a few years.  She is one of my sweetest, dearest friends.  I love her little Mary and new baby Luke, and I'm going to really miss her.  If I had to say goodbye to Travis and Joy and their girls, too... I don't know how I would do it!  There's an exciting part of all of these goodbyes and all of this transition.  It's like we're saying that Jesus and the people of the world are more important to us than us staying a few streets away from one another so we can grow up together for the rest of our lives.  Our friendships are sweet and meaningful, but we are living for a greater purpose.  It is helping to keep that kind of perspective right now.  I'll let you know how it helps in a couple of months! 

Here are some photos from last night's party:

Holding baby Emily

Joy, June, and me

Andy and Travis

Lisa and me.

Gracie and me.

Ellie's favorite friend, Alyssa.

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