Tuesday, April 21, 2015

12 Months Old! ONE YEAR OLD TWINS!

I love these little one year olds so much.  I have been reminiscing a lot over the past few weeks (truthfully, I haven't stopped reminiscing this whole year...), thinking back to my pregnancy, the early days at home with two newborns, and even further back to before we got pregnant.  I just cannot stop giving thanks to God.  How did we get here?  I can tell you that 2 years ago, I didn't know what to expect, but I had hope.  I had hope in God that He would be glorified.  I had hope because Jesus said to me, "If you believe, you will see the glory of God."  I had hope and trusted that God held the deepest desires of my heart in His heart.  I daydreamed about getting pregnant--maybe with twins!--and holding my child in my arms.  And two years later, I am the mommy of not one, but two precious children.  Two boys who have stolen my heart.  God knows our longings, desires, and needs.  He chose our family to place Benjamin Andrew and Zachary Ryan into, and I will forever be grateful!  

Something I would like to do each year is write a birthday letter to my children.  I'll put them all in a journal and give each child his/her journal of letters on their 18th birthday.  This was my own idea--not even Pinterest ;)  I also just got one of those "one line a day" journals that spans over 5 years.  I'm so excited to fill in a few lines from the day each night.  Each page has the date on top and spaces for 5 years worth of entries below it.  So I'll be able to see the mundane and out of the ordinary events that happened each day for a 5 year time frame.  With the boys turning one, I've just had this great desire to cherish every moment, and I thought this was a great and doable way to do so!  

Here are some birthday boy stats:

23 lbs 6 ozs, 30 1/2 inches.  Head circumference:  18 ins

22 lbs, 30 1/2 inches.  Head circumference:  18 ins

These boys are going strong with their sleeping.  Bedtime is around 7, and wake up time is 7am.  Often they are awake before 7, but they play or talk laugh and lounge in their cribs until we wake them up.  

They are great eaters.  We eat lots of fruits and veggies around here--I'm having trouble getting enough meat in them because I don't have enough made around the house all the time!  But I've been giving them turkey and chicken sausage because I can easily microwave it...  Deli turkey when I have it.  Cheese sticks are a daily staple.  Black beans are also an easy protein.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll raise vegetarians because I'm so bad at giving them meat!  There have been so many babies in our church born in the past few weeks that I've been making tons of meals but not for us!  Geez, I'm so bad.  Oh well, they eat great anyway. 

I switched them over to whole milk the day before their birthday.  They took it alright, but I've noticed their little patches of eczema getting worse.  And then poor Zachary got the stomach bug on his birthday!  It's been going around, and he threw up a ton Thursday evening and then once overnight.  Then both of the boys' poops were looking quite odd over the weekend... so I switched them back to formula and will try to transition again.  The little buggers also have snotty, coughing colds, too.  Poor guys--and on their birthdays!

Zachary has taken a few steps but keeps falling forward. He'll get there soon :)  Benji is just now starting to stand for a second or two.  

Their babbling is starting to "truncate"--meaning they're saying (really, yelling!) one or two words after a string of babble.  I made a photo board for their bday party (post to follow), and whenever Benji looks at it, he says, "Bah-b!" Not too sure what or who "Bob" is, but he seems to associate pictures of himself and his brother with it!  Haha.  

Alrighty, here are some pictures from month 11:

Some self-feeding...

Benji trying to get my toast

 Zachary just trying to get me :)

 Meeting our twin girlfriends, Everly and Presley for lunch at the mall!

Benji, double-fisting puffs...

Zachary, double-fisting toes :)

Easter 2015, at my parents' house...



Daddy's home!

an impromtu family hike one evening...

Loving their birthday gift from Marmee and Papi!

cutie selfies...


Both boys, multi-tasking:

a little friendly wrestling...

Waking up our birthday boys on April 16, 2015!

I'm in love with you, boys!!!

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