Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Memorable Moments from Month 5

Auntie Caroline came to visit!
She flew in all the way from Los Angeles for the day on August 30th--what a treat!
We have grown so much since she saw us last... we were just newborns then!
We just spent the day hanging out, playing, and enjoying her company.
Uncle Nick came over, too!
Mom and Daddy keep telling us that they are so thankful to have so much family close by.
Auntie said she may come again for Halloween to see us dressed up in our costumes...
that would be fun!

She has her hands full!
We found our fingers and toes and have decided they're quite delicious.

(This helps with diaper changes)
We're becoming best buddies...

We have fun new toys to play with at home and at Marmee at Papi's house!

Mom put this together all by herself while Daddy was out!
She kept asking us if we were proud of her  :)

Thanks, Marmee, for our great walkers!

And Zachary decided he's too big for his old toy... 
the buckle doesn't even keep him contained anymore.

We laugh a lot around here, and we're learning how to grab things with both hands.  Like Mommy's face, for example.  We especially like to grab her glasses and throw them down.


We got new bath seats (well, the other one is en route from Israel...where it's made!) 
because Mommy kept saying how she doesn't like giving us baths because we squirm too much and it scares her. So now we're cleaner and safer, I guess!

And finally, we experienced our first Waffle Truck visit.  Mom didn't share, though.


That's all for now!