Monday, April 22, 2013

A Whole New World

I know many of you have followed my blog postings, 
especially since I opened up about our journey into infertility.
Well, since my last post, things look a little (read:  much) different.
I haven't posted everything because I'm not sure 
how open we're ready to be online about our situation, 
but I will share a little more here.

In February, after some earth-shattering results, we were referred to another kind of doctor,
in addition to our Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility doctor).
To make a long story short, our only chance to have biological children
is through IVF. 
Over this past year and a half, I always talked about IVF as if it were this last resort thing
that we would never have to go to because I didn't believe we had any real issues.
IVF was expensive (still is), involved, scary, overwhelming, 
and just not something we would ever need.
Well, I was wrong.

And now, on this side of things, 
I am so thankful to God for IVF.
I am so thankful that He gifts some men and women with brilliance, intelligence, 
and medical expertise to help couples achieve pregnancy
in cases where they wouldn't be able to on their own.
I fully believe that God has led us here and is with us in this process.
I am aware that there are a slew of opinions and conclusions that people have on this subject, 
but all I want to say is that I am thankful for IVF.
I don't believe we're taking this into "our own hands".
God is still God and still the Giver of Life. 
IVF is not even a "given" or a quick-fix.
We are fully aware that it doesn't always achieve pregnancy.
The statistics are not 100%, so God is still the writer of this story. 

I haven't started my IVF cycle yet (and it lasts 2-3 months), 
but I will soon.
I will soon enter into a world of mail-order drugs, 
multiple, daily injections, 
daily doctors' appointments, bloodwork, ultrasounds...

I've wondered a lot over the past year, 
Have this many pregnant women always existed?
Or am I just more aware of baby bumps because I so long for one?
And now, as we have doven headlong into the acronym-riddled world of infertility, 
I have wondered, 
Have this many Christian women and couples 
struggling with infertility 
and going through IVF
always been here?
Or have I just been enveloped into a different kind of "club"
so now I'm more aware? 

Either way, I'm learning now, more than ever, 
that many, many men and women are diagnosed and faced with infertility.
In fact, 7.3 million in America are, and this week (April 21-28)
I have found comfort and hope and encouragement
through many blogs of women who have gone through
and are facing the challenges of infertility and treatments.
It's incredible that there are so so so many others who struggle with this.

It has been and still is an extremely painful journey to be on,
one of dying to many hopes and dreams,
but Andy and I are expectant for a miracle
look forward to seeing the glory of God revealed through our suffering.

Love, Emily


  1. Hi Emily! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment today. I am so excited for you as you embark on this part of the journey. It took us a long time to be okay with IVF, but now that we're going through it, all I can say is I'm getting to see God's hand in a whole new way. I'll be praying for you as God directs you in this path.

  2. Thank you, Candace! I'm thankful to have found you and look forward to following you and praying for you guys. I am definitely excited to move forward... I should start BC in about a week and we have our calendaring appointment at the beginning of May :)

  3. Just now seeing this a month later. I hope you have wonderful results with IVF!

    And, oh, the world of mail order's a special club. ;)