Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making a wedding cake.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, 
you already know that I made a wedding and groom's cake last week for 
our friends' (Canela and Reed Hoffman) wedding on Oct. 20th.

When they got engaged in June, I immediately offered to make their cake!
Little did I know about all that goes INTO making a cake...
but I figured, I can make cakes, so why not?
It turns out, I can make a wedding cake :)
but it's quite an involved to-do!

My mom was kind enough to fly out for 5 days and be my right-hand woman...
or my professional Instagram-er along the way :)

Now, I definitely over estimated how big of a cake they would need... 
but, with that being said, the cakes and frostings included:
over 36 eggs and 3 cups of egg whites 
at least 10 lbs of butter
4 boxes of cake flour
3 containers of cocoa
about 15 pounds of sugar
and lots of TLC!

getting 10 sticks of butter to room temp... this was just for one batch of frosting!

cooking sugar and egg whites (and making dinner simultaneously, thanks to the crock!)

the makings of Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I may buy stock in Pillsbury.

ha!  seems so small

We got started off early on Thursday.  See the bagel?  No time to sit and eat!

Friday: Icing and filling the groom's cake.


needed more buttercream!

Thankful for the fridge and freezer at our church's building!

Transporting the cakes.

My timeline...
1 week before: bake the chocolate cakes; make 2 batches of buttercream; make simple syrup
Thursday:  bake wedding cakes; freeze cakes overnight
Friday: Make PB buttercream; defrost, level, and frost all cakes; fridge overnight
Saturday:  transport cakes to site, stack and finish decorating wedding cake.  Enjoy the night!

After all was said and done!

Mr. & Mrs. Reed Hoffman

a beautiful setting for a wedding

The bride and groom approved!

lemon curd and raspberry preserves filled the vanilla butter cake layers

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  1. those look awesome, em! way to go!!! and i think the bangs are adorable! :)

  2. 1. totally loving the bangs!
    2. it turned out so beautiful em, you did an amazing job.