Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shower season!

In our church and group of friends, 
there are 5 people pregnant (all with due dates Oct. 31 through early March)
and one lovely lady getting married. 
The beginning of August kicked of a couple months-long shower season!
It has been great fun to plan and envision and create
great parties to celebrate these wonderful women
and new babies (and marriages) about to be birthed.
"Thanks" to pinterest, showers these days are a little more labor intensive (no pun intended!)...
but so fun to pull off.

Here are some pictures from Morgan's shower...
Olivia Elizabeth is due October 31st!

we made cute flags for the paper straws

Joy has churned out over twenty of these poufs over the past 2 months!

pretty in pink

Next up was Shelly's baby shower...
Elias Alexander is due November 15th (I think)!

Most of the showers are at Joy's house, so it was fun to host this one!

Made a cute blessing board that is now hung in his nursery!

lots of yummy food

awesome bunting banner made by none other than Crystal Peach!

more poufs

Shelly's About to Pop!  popcorn favors

praying blessings over Mommy and baby

This weekend we celebrated our dear Canela 
as she prepares to become Reed Hoffman's WIFE
in 3 weeks!
I can't say enough about Canela. I love her so much, and I've only become better friends with her
over the past couple of years.
She is a servant with a heart of gold.
She loves and carries people in her heart well.
She puts everyone else first.
She is gorgeous and has a great laugh.
She is real and honest and loves Jesus intimately and authentically.
She has waited many years for her Reed to come, and he has.
They are such a fun, servant-hearted, sweet couple.
Andy and I love them so!  
Joy waited on the Lord for the theme of this shower, and He gave her this:
"Canela has "fall"en in love!"
Canela loves the fall (don't we all, Bostonians?), so this was perfect.
Here are the pics:
a lovely table setting

The Beautiful Bride

"I'll have some bacon, thank you very much!"

Ah yes, the preggos.  Due: March 2013, Nov. 13th,  Nov. 15th,  Nov. 24th, Oct. 31st

A Boston friend!  Morgan Teague is in town from Texas!

Rebekah, "leaf"ing a blessing for Canela.  (We tied the scrapbook leaves onto branches. Pinterest!)

Little jars of whole cloves, whole allspice, dried orange peels, cardamom, and cinnamon sticks.  To simmer on the stove and fill your home with wonderful fragrances! 

Boston ladies!  (l-r) Me, Kristen, Canela, Joy, Karissa (baby), Morgan, Crystal, and Shelly
I love serving with these women!  One more shower to go next Saturday for Whitney and Caleb-- 
Bentlee June is due in November.  

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  1. the fall theme is one of the best themes ive ever seen. wow, canela got the best!!! :)