Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Three Years!

Andy and I celebrated our Third Anniversary yesterday! 

August 8, 2009
was the day we said, "I do" 
to committing our lives to one another, 
to uniting as one as a reflection of Jesus' love for His bride, the church, 
to loving one another in sickness, health, good, bad, for richer or poorer, 
to putting each other's needs in front of our own, 
to being separated only by death.

Three years isn't really all that long in the grand scheme of things, 
but I love celebrating each year, no matter how little or how many.
Love triumphs over evil always. 
We pray and hope to have a love for one another
that will conquer evil and bring life and hope to those around us.
We occasionally have to choose this love, 
but we are committed for life and so thankful for our marriage.

I am thankful to have a best friend to walk through life with. 
This past year has been tough at times, 
and Andy has been my champion and my partner in it all.
As we celebrate our three years, 
I am finding myself wanting to cherish the time we have left just
husband and wife;
no kids.

I will take this time as a blessing and enjoy it!

At our dinner out 
(Monday night the 6th because lifegroup is Wednesday nights)
we told each other our favorite moments from the past three years
and what we love about one another.
I thought the conversation might not last very long
because we do this activity every once and awhile, 
but our conversation lasted through dinner.
We have a lot to say about each other.
We have a lot of fun memories together.

I love him!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Em & Andy! 3 years - woohoo! =)