Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinner for Andy

Andy LOVES Cincinnati-style chili...  It's runny, has cinnamon and cocoa in it, no beans...  I tease him because it's more like soup!  His mom has family in Ohio, so Andy grew up eating that when they would visit.  He has had friends bring back cans from the airport, and we stocked up this summer when we had a layover there.  You eat it one-way (just chili), two-way (chili on a hot-dog or spaghetti), or three-way (chili on spaghetti or hot-dog with cheese), four-way (also add onions), and so on.  But alas, we're now out of Cincinnati chili!

So it was PERFECT timing when I got my Family Circle magazine in the mail this month and they had a whole section on chilis... and they had a recipe for this one!  I tweaked it a bit so it would be runny for Andy.  He took one bite and said, "It's just like straight out of the can!"  This is one time that I take that as a compliment :)


  1. Love your new blog look, Emily!! Hope all is well! Sending lots of love from CT... Hadley

  2. Hey Andy and Emily! I read this blog a long time ago and just remembered you had it! Yay for Cincinnati Chili :)

    Love Cousin Molly