Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Photo Update

If you follow the Phillips' blog, you may see a few of these pictures over there...  Our team has celebrated a lot of birthdays over the past 2 months.  Joy starts us off on September 21, I'm September 27, John is October 7, Adam is October 8, and Andy is October 21st.  Next up is Ellie, who turns 4 on November 30!  Can't wait for that party :)  Here are some pictures from birthdays and such over the past few weeks...
Out to dinner celebrating John and Adam

Great buds

Ellie and Gracie... how grown up do they look?!

Joy and me

Feeding little Emmy

Ellie "feeding" Gracie

Emily and Emily

Gracie and her beloved chapstick

cakes for the guys

Canela, Cheryl, and Rebekah--celebrating Rebekah's birthday!  They are dear friends at our church.

2 Ellies and a Gracie

Carrot cake.  Make a wish!
 And now... for some pictures of our church as of late!  These were taken at our post church service jam session.  Anyone interested in possibly playing in our worship band got together to "jam".  Fun fact:  A sweet friend from my senior year of highschool (in England) came to Tempe to get her Masters in Speech Therapy and now goes to Antioch!  Our friendship has picked up right where it left off, and I'm so thankful for her!  She's the blonde in the front on the bass guitar :)

Andy looking cool on the soundboard

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