Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall decor

I thought I would post some more updated pictures of our place.   I love decorating for the seasons, especially Fall.  (Well, to be honest, I only have stuff for Fall, Christmas, and Valentine's Day...)   I'm trying to feel my favorite season around here because it's so hard to believe it's October.  The temperatures still reach the 90s/100s during the day!

Note the ceramic pumpkin in the back...

The frame says:  "Harvest Blessings".

Got the hanging apple block from Goodwill.  Great find!

Sorry it's blurry.  Got the shelf with bday money--thanks, Mom!  And thanks, Amy, for the potpourri!

Love the round candles...


  1. not sure what blog edict is so i'll just respond on your blog. :) thanks! i miss yall too! i would love to come visit az, but i think what should happen is that yall bring a trip here!!! :) just saying. oh, and i fell off of my motorcycle. it was rough. all is well now, but it got infected and my leg is still swollen (the bike fell on the inside of my leg). you can ask joy for details if you want. it was a rough day but i'm recovered (physically and emotionally). :) love you, em!

  2. You have Pioneer Woman's cookbook too! She came to Tempe but i had to leave before I was able to talk to her. I left my book to get signed though.

    Your home is very cute. We need you to come help us decorate.